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New Hopsitals

Howard University Hospital Project

A New Howard University Hospital


The District’s partnership with Howard University reflects Howard’s long-standing desire to build a new hospital at its Georgia Avenue campus and its recent partnership with Adventist Healthcare. The partnership also reflects the critical role that Howard plays in the District’s delivery of healthcare—especially to underserved residents—and the Howard College of Medicine’s leadership in training African American physicians and health professionals.

  • Howard’s recent partnership with Adventist HealthCare creates a generational opportunity to ensure that Howard can continue to be the nation’s leader in the field of medical and health education for underrepresented minority students.
  • Adventist regional network of hospitals provides a full range of training and educational opportunities for Howard medical students.
  • Howard and Adventist plan to build a new hospital on the existing campus while the current facility remains open.
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  • Level I Trauma Center
  • Academic Teaching Hospital
  • 225 bed facility
  • 600,000 square feet
  • Current hospital remains open until new facility is constructed.
  • $650 million

To support Howard, the District will provide significant financial support for Howard University to establish a new Howard University Hospital in Ward 1 through:

  1. The establishment of a $225 million, 20-year tax abatement
  2. Providing for a District agency to be a tenant in the future redevelopment
  3. Providing $25 million in infrastructure support
  4.  Investment $26.6 million over six years to support five Centers of Excellence at Howard University Hospital.

Five Centers of Excellence

The Five Centers of Excellence will focus on sickle cell, women’s health, oral health, trauma and violence prevention, and substance use and co-occurring disorders. These centers will provide care and services tailored to the specific needs of our community and allow Howard University Hospital to continue playing a critical role in helping the District eliminate longstanding health disparities. 

Five Centers of Excellence